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About the company: Henniker Scientific is a leading supplier of instruments, systems & technologies for vacuum science, thin film deposition, UHV surface analysis, plasma surface treatment & mass spectrometry applications.

At Henniker we have more than 25 years first-hand experience in delivering and supporting academic and industrial users with the highest specification vacuum fabrication and analytical techniques. Our products range from simple but useful USB powered vacuum chamber LED illumination devices to complex multi-technique cluster deposition systems. If we don't have what you're looking for, we will always be happy to advise you and offer our services where we can.

Instruments: ion and electron sources, UV sources, X-ray sources, mass spectrometers.
Hardware: Multi-axis manipulators, sample transfer and sample heaters/cooling.
Systems: Bespoke multi-technique deposition (thermal evaporation, sputtering, PLD) and analysis (XPS, SPM, SIMS, LEED, Auger) techniques.
Controllers: Bakeout, sample heating, deposition rate control, vacuum pump group controllers.

Email: info@henniker-scientific.com

Website: www.henniker-scientific.com

Key dates

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17 April 2022 [EXTENDED]

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26 May 2022 (EXTENDED)

Registration deadline:

9 June 2022 (EXTENDED)


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