About the company: Cryogenic Limited produces a wide variety of customised superconducting magnet systems, including solenoids to 22 Tesla, split pairs to 14 Tesla, 2D and 3D vector configurations, magnets for UHV soft x-ray, muon, optical and neutron beamline environments, as well as bespoke large bore magnets for gyrotron and mineral separation applications. Our range of measurement systems includes magnets for NMR, EPR, SQUID and vibrating sample magnetometers, electrical and thermal transport measurements, combined with ultra-low temperature capabilities down to 300 mK with 3He or 50 mK with a dilution refrigerator. These configurations are offered as either cryogen free or low boil off liquid helium cooled magnet systems.

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17 April 2022 [EXTENDED]

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26 May 2022 (EXTENDED)

Registration deadline:

9 June 2022 (EXTENDED)


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