Organising committee

Simon Bending University of Bath, UK

Enrico da Como, University of Bath, UK

Sara Dale University of Bath, UK

Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski University of Bath, UK

Anton Souslov University of Bath, UK

Scientific Committee

Andrew Armour, University of Nottingham, UK

Chris Bell, University of Bristol, UK

Kaveh Delfanazari, University of Glasgow, UK

Tom Hayward, University of Sheffield, UK

Martin R. Lees, Univ. of Warwick, UK

Dr Andrew Pratt, University of York, UK

Dr Andreas Rost, University of St Andrews, UK

Charlotte Sanders, Central Laser Facility, RAL-STFC, UK

Daniel Wolverson, University of Bath, UK

Jasper van Wezel, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:

17 April 2022 [EXTENDED]

Early registration deadline:

26 May 2022 (EXTENDED)

Registration deadline:

9 June 2022 (EXTENDED)


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